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StarUML is an open source project to develop fast, flexible, extensible, featureful, and freely-available UML/MDA platform running on Win32 platform. The goal of the StarUML project is to build a software modeling tool and also platform that is a compelling replacement of commercial UML tools such as Rational Rose, Together and so on. <- 요기를 보면 한글 매뉴얼도 볼 수 있음.


  • UML 2.0 diagrams
    • Use Case Diagram
    • Class Diagram
    • Sequence Diagram
    • Collaboration Diagram
    • Statechart Diagram
    • Activity Diagram
    • Component Diagram
    • Deployment Diagram
    • Composite Structure Diagram (UML 2.0)
  • Various language support
    • Java Profile, Code Generator and Reverse Engineer.
    • C++ Profile, Code Generator and Reverse Engineer.
    • C# Profile, Code Generator and Reverse Engineer.
  • Microsoft Office document generation
    • Microsoft Word document template and generation.
      • Automatic Index generation.
      • Automatic TOC(Table of Contents) update.
    • Microsoft Excel document template and generation.
    • Microsoft PowerPoint document template and generation.
  • Customizable code generation.
    • Text-based code template and generation.
    • Script-enabled (JScript)
  • Support MDA technology (UML profiles and customizable diagrams)
    • User-defined UML profile support. (XML)
  • Diagram extensibility (Define your own type of diagram beyond the UML)
    • User-defined Diagram support (e.g. ERD, BPMN, ...)
    • LISP-style NX(Notation Extension) language support.
  • Extensibility
    • Open API (COM Automation)
    • COM-based plug-in architecture.
    • Event subscription 
    • Model template (named as Approach).
    • Model framework support. (MFC, J2EE, ....)
  • Controlling units and fragments.
  • High compatibility
    • Rational Rose Import.
    • XMI 1.1 - UML 1.3 Import, Export (Unisys XMI support)
  • Editing
    • Quick dialog
      • Short-cut commands
    • Multiple Undo/Redo
    • Diagram overview
    • Keyboard manipulations
  • User-Interface
    • VS.NET look and feel.
    • Dockable windows
  • Model verification (based on UML 1.4 well-formedness rules)
  • Pattern support
    • GoF, EJB patterns
    • User-defined patterns

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